Flickr, Geo Tagging and KAP


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This is really cool…

I’ve heard about flickr before but I didn’t realise that it’s tagging features were so awesome.

Basically Flickr is an photo sharing site (like webshots, etc) but it’s built around communities. It allows you to upload photos to your own albums and then share them in other groups ,etc. Flickr also allows you to add tags to your photos that can be searched on. For example if I wanted to see pictures of Halifax I would do something like this.

Cool huh??

Anyway there is another neat thing that the folks at did. They took the cool and the flickr image community and merged it together. You can add the latitude and longitude as a tag to your images and then you can see where in the world they were taken… Really really cool.. especially for KAP.

click on the picture and then select the geotagged link in the description under the picture