Halifax Fun Fly 2005

On Saturday the Halifax Area Recreational Kiters held the 2nd Annual Citadel Fun Fly. I invited the Dieppe, N.B. Sky Lines kite club again this year and 9 fliers decided to join us. We also had representation from PEI this year, Scott Ferguson drove down to join us on the wind swept hill. The winds were howling at aroun 40 Km/h and temperature dipped to about 2 degrees. Wow that’s cold, we couldn’t beleive that in the middle of May we would have such cold temperatures.

Really windy.. and cold!

We started the day by putting up a few banners and some soft kites. A few people braved the winds and the cold and brought their families and their kites. Around 11:00 am the Dieppe gang showed up and it started to warm up a bit. Bernie was first up with his 8ft spikey ball, the kids came running from all sides, it sure is an attention getter. Then the bears and flow forms took center stage. This abd Rokkaku’s were about all anyone could fly as the winds were so high. Through out the day lot’s of

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families and kites filled the sky. As always a few lines get tangled and with the winds we had a few got cut loose as well. I think in the end all kites were retreived 🙂 People came out in full force this year to fly and watch. I think we had around 600-800 people fly and watch through out the day.

Well I am looking forward to the 3rd annual fly next year. It will likely turn into a festival next year, so it’s time to start hunting for sponsors and to get the city involved.

Thanks to everyone who joined us! We had a great time.

The whole gang at Fran’s for chinese 🙂 (click for bigger image)

More photos here

A special thanks to the staff of Citadel Hill for all their help!


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  1. 15 May, 2005 at 7:30 pm

    what a day it was ! just a bit cold but eh us maritimers dont worry and we went and flew and had super fun!

    thanks Bill and Valerie for all your hard work in organizing that fun fly !

    I can speak for our club members ….We will be there next year for sure and in bigger number !

    it was a pleasant day !

    Lignes au ciel /Sky-lines kite Club

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