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Flickr, Geo Tagging and KAP


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This is really cool…

I’ve heard about flickr before but I didn’t realise that it’s tagging features were so awesome.

Basically Flickr is an photo sharing site (like webshots, etc) but it’s built around communities. It allows you to upload photos to your own albums and then share them in other groups ,etc. Flickr also allows you to add tags to your photos that can be searched on. For example if I wanted to see pictures of Halifax I would do something like this.

Cool huh??

Anyway there is another neat thing that the folks at did. They took the cool and the flickr image community and merged it together. You can add the latitude and longitude as a tag to your images and then you can see where in the world they were taken… Really really cool.. especially for KAP.

click on the picture and then select the geotagged link in the description under the picture

Kite Flying at The Atlantic Festival of Paragliding and Air Sports

When: Sunday, May 22 2005
Where: Parrsboro, NS
My Role: Guest
Join us for a fun weekend, something for the kids, adults, young and old.

Kites will be flown on Sunday May 22nd from 1:00pm until 4:00 pm… should be a pretty good show, The Sky-Lines Kite Club, and Halifax Area Recreational Kiters will be represented along with our host Morris Canning of Kiss the Sky kites.

TVO – Planet Parent kite segment

For all of the Ontario Kite clubs! Video from Gary Mark.

This segment aired

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May 18th 2005 on TVO’s Planet Parent. The video was shot at the 2004 Kortright kite festival and features the Koch family along with Gary Mark and his family. Great comments and good tips for parents and volunteers. I particularly liked the creative use of bingo dobbers and stickers to build the kids kites :) :)

Two versions available: Quicktime format (.mov) 8.2 mb and Windows Movie (.wmv) 12.2 mb


Pass the butter please….

Wooo hoooo!

While surfing the GWTW forums swap meet I saw a Premier Kites – Rolf Zimmerman Lobster for sale. :D :D I have wanted one of these awesome kites since I first saw it in the catalog last year. I had an opportunity to see one fly at last years Toronto Kite Fest (thanks to Gary Mark) and now one of them was within reach! The price tag was reasonable for an almost new kite and the gentlemen selling it was very helpful in finding the best solution for shipping to Canada. (thanks Ray)

Today it arrived! I went to the post office, picked up the package and immediately went to my local flying field. Within 20 minutes the Lobster was up and swimming freely in the sky with my Sutton 30 as it’s pilot! What a cool kite, I was surprised how easy it was to fly, as I heard that it was a little tricky… (hey who’s complaining)

one happy lobster (click for more pictures)

I am headed to Parsborro, NS this weekend for the Paragliding festival and this is sure to be hit!

Wooo hoo,
(can you tell I am excited)

Halifax Fun Fly 2005

On Saturday the Halifax Area Recreational Kiters held the 2nd Annual Citadel Fun Fly. I invited the Dieppe, N.B. Sky Lines kite club again this year and 9 fliers decided to join us. We also had representation from PEI this year, Scott Ferguson drove down to join us on the wind swept hill. The winds were howling at aroun 40 Km/h and temperature dipped to about 2 degrees. Wow that’s cold, we couldn’t beleive that in the middle of May we would have such cold temperatures.

Really windy.. and cold! Continue reading