Monthly Archives: April 2005

KAPing on the Dartmouth Waterfront

Sunday was a gorgeous day, 15 degrees, sunny and NO WIND… well at least in the morning. Around 1:00 O’Clock however the wind picked up and it was perfect for a KAP session. I headed to the Dartmouth waterfront near the ferry terminal. My goal was to get some low altitude shots of the ferry’s heading in and out of the terminal, however the wind was not in my favour. I headed further down the board walk towards a small marina. The marina was empty and I thought it would make for some interesting shots. This was a pretty big thing for me as I haven’t had my rig out over open water before and I was a little nervous. All went well and I managed to get some pretty cool shots!

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Peggy’s Cove Aerial Photos

Today Valerie and I went to Peggy’s Cove to take some aerial shots of the light house and surrounding area. I just purchased an adapater ring for my Kodak DX4330 Camera that will let me use 37 mm lenses. I have a .5x wide angle lens for my video camera and I decided I want to see how well it will do in a KAP enviornment.

The results are “OK” I plan on making another trip soon to get some better shots (with and without the wide angle lens).. :D

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