10 Point Double Star

I built this kite after seeing a post made by Yvon Hache on the Kitebuilder.com forums. The “Double Star” topic is the most popular topic on the forum with over 47 pages of posts. Ferruh Baysu is the designer of this kite and he provided the auto-cad drawings and plans to all the forum members. The kite is made up of 140 individual pieces and approximately 5600 inches of hemming :O. The kite is made of ripstop nylon, the kite is framed with 10mm Avia pultruded carbon spars which are quite heavy. The center hub is made of UHMW plastic and was made by Tony Ferrel of the Kite Studio. This kite flies very well and requires a fair breeze to get into the air. Once the kite is in the air it has an amazing presence and a surprising amount of pull.