Building a Double Star

A really hot kite came up on the forums back in March of

2004. The kite is called the double star built by Ferruh Baysu. The kite is about 10 feet across and about 5 feet tall. You an read all 43 pages of the thread on the forums here

Once Ferruh created the plans for the kite a number of us on the forum jumped on the band wagon to build this beautiful kite. I have had all of the spars and the center hub for a few months now and even had half of the 140 pieces cut when I got stalled. Well I finally decided to get back to this kite for my January project (among others). So here goes. This weekend I finished cutting all of the 140 pieces and I am ready to start hemming. 😀 hmmm let me think … 140 pieces x 2 hems/piece = 280 hems which equates to 560 Folds. Yikes that’s a lot of folding ;).

This is what a dissassembled star looks like..

here is the album which will contain all of the construction details as I go along.


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  1. saF
    10 January, 2005 at 10:59 am

    About time you got off your but and finally made a kite! 😉

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