UFO – Quad line flying

I went out at lunch today with my new YFO/UFO/Airyo-ish kite and had a go at flying it as a quad. The kite performed much better than I expected and there are lot’s of areas to tweak. I attached the with 90 degrees between each tow point. ( 11 and 2, 5 and 8 on the face of a clock). There wasn’t much wind but it performed very well.. Turning is a little weird; the kite is round which makes it difficult to tell which end is up :). I would like to try 60 degrees as well, although I think it will be a bit narrow. One idea I had would be to try 11 and 1 for the top and then 4 and 8 on the bottom (or vice versa) to see if a wider stance at the bottom would give more break control…

I also have an idea for a new kite based on this design and I plan on making one over the holidays…

here are the photos from todays adventure

(click for gallery)

(thanks to Ian “I-take-more-pictures-of-kites-than-anything-else” Littlewood.

Merry Christmas,