Circular fun (UFO – Ultimate Fun Object)

Rich Durant from Oregon posted a topic on the forums about Lee Sedgwick’s latest creation, the YFO(correction Lee emailed me to say that the new kite is called the UFO – Ultimate Fun Object). The UFO took home the most innovative award at the AKA Convention in Seaside Oregon this year. The disc shaped kite/toy is about 46″ in diameter and can be flown in quad-line, single line and no-wind single line configurations.

I first saw this kite (even though I didn’t realize it at the time) at the Hammonasset State Park kite festival in May of this year. I am not sure who had it, as I met a lot of people that day, but it was a blast… in the no wind configuration it floats on the air with a flick of the wrist and can be swung and snapped in all kinds of different directions.

So after reading Rich’s post and reading Rich’s acount of his tests and bridle configurations I decided to build my own. The kite consists of 3 48″ carbon rods which when configured in a circle has a diamter of 45 7/8″. I decided to make the kite 45″ wide and the tabs that connect the kite to the frame extend 7/16″ past each tip. This creates a nice snug fit on the frame and If I need to tighten it later on I can always shorten the tabs by 1/16″ or so..

I plan on tryin the quad line configuration tomorrow and if I have time I will also try it as a single line. More photos to come.. 😀