Butterfly – Papillon

In November 2004 I saw an interesting kite design. The Papillon, designed by Alain Micquiaux and manufactured by Atelier Kites, was being flown by Ted Gaudet, who just returned from the Dieppe International Kite festival in France. I thought this looked great and flew beautifully. The butterfly glides gracefully and if you pull or tug the line the butterfly beats it’s wings gently. My sister loves butterflies and I thought this would be the perfect Christmas gift for her. After I studied the kite for a while I created the sail template and set to work. (I have made three since then :D :D )

I have waited until now to post this to my site as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for my sister. I was reminded to post this after seeing that the kite is now being offered from Gomberg Kite Productions new 2005 catalog.


16 thoughts on “Butterfly – Papillon

  1. herb

    hi i was wondering if i could have the plan for the butterfly? my daughters are in love with them and i would like to make a few to hang on their bedroom walls as decoration.

    thanks in advance.


  2. Mountain Man

    Hi Bill looking good this site ! on this Papillion …..would appreciate a copy of the plan if you have a pdf would appreciate it ! would love to redo a few more but lost all my measurements …. thanks a million !


  3. Bjorng

    Would it be possible to get the plan from you? The Papillon really looks great!

    Thanks in advance!


    PS. Really like this site! DS.

  4. Asbjørn bæk

    I have seen your picturs of the butterfly and it looks good. I would, like the orther, like to have a copy of your plan, if it is possible.

    Best regards

  5. Steve

    Hi Bill,
    This is a great kite , I want to include my wife in my kite flying and a butterfky for her would increase her interest tenfold, can I beg for a plan copy?, I am new to making kites so I regret not having something in return. I would certainly appreciate your help with making another kite, thanks in advance.

  6. Ray Bojarski

    Bill……I just found a link to your website and was reading the threads about the butterfly kite.

    Could I also get a copy of the plans?

    Ray Bojarski

  7. Marijn van Veelen

    Hi Bill, i was intruiged by Atelier’s Papillon, and decided to make a butterfly kite for myself, and then found your site (really good information about kite vuilding on it btw!!). If it is still possible to get the plan, i would appreciate very much.

    Marijn van Veelen

  8. Dave


    Been looking for inspiration for a new kite to build this afternoon! Your butterfly looks excellent! Please could you email me a plan? I have checked the forums and can’t dig one out of the search engine.



  9. christine cote

    Hi could you let me have a copy of the plan the kite looks great and would love to make one.

  10. Alain

    I do not plan my Butterflies (there’s no real need for small models), but I offer you some keys to understanding this kite. How it was created, how it has changed so …
    I am not against a movement plans in the amateur field, but I like that the original design is respected (or completely different) I am talking about the black parts of course.
    Thank you

  11. Gianni - ITALY

    Hi Bill
    I have seen picturs of butterfly and it looks very good. Could you send me a copy of your plan, if it is possible.

    Best regards


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