Orange – Turbo Bridle

The oringal active bridle I had on my Orange never really satisfied me and I couldn’t get it just the way I wanted it. Turns were too wide and it just didn’t feel right. I had not flown the kite for several months and decided I would take another crack at the bridle. On the Orange website there are two bridles; the active bridle and the turbo bridle. I studied the dimensions and carefully built the turbo bridle using the information on Andy Wardley’s site.

The first flight was interesting, and the kite was behaving like a bucking bull as it flew across the sky. really really shaking and pulling hard. I attributed this to the high winds I was flying in but I was generally happy with the change as I could now turn a lot tighter and axels and fades worked well.

The second flight was in a lot less wind and I still noticed the shaking and jerking in the kite. So I decided to shorten the lower inner (spine to towpoint) legs by an inch or so… and wow what a difference. The kite flys much smoother and is still very trickable. It has some over steer but not much. I will experiment more with this bridle as the weeks progress.

here are some shots of the orange flying with the Halifax skyline in the background…