“Le Virus” – Sail assembly

I managed to cut, assemble and sew all the sail panels for my Le Virus. This was my first experience with a pieced sail and I learned a lot along the way. I tried to approach the drawing and cutting of the individual pieces as carefully as possible. I was rewarded with an easy assembly and symetric wings (that’s a releif)..

I used a glue stick to align and hold the sail panels in place. I have used double sided tape (3m super seam tape) and it’s not very forgiving and gums up the needle. The glue stick allowed me to reposition as needed and didn’t gum up the needle once..

Here are a few pictures ofthe sail.. the first is the sail in pieces and then the completed sail.

The green isn’t as awful as I thought it would be.. this color combo is starting to grow on me..