“Le Virus” – online workshop

There is a new online trick kite workshop starting on the GWTW forums. The kite is called “Le Virus” and is designed by Christian Derefat. I decided that I wanted to build another sport kite to improve upon the skills I learned while making “The Orange”. The web site for Le Virus is always growing and changes are made quickly based on the input of the users at the forum.

I just started building my virus last night. I started by printing the letter sized PDF plan and taped all of the pages together. Then with the help of a little spray glue I mounted the plan to poster board.

I have also decided that because of a thread on the KiteBuilder.com forums that I would try and use some of the green ripstop that I have. I am not sure what it is about green, but it is not a popular color for kites and I don’t really understand why. So I sat down with a modified version of the virus colorizer and came up with the picture at the bottom of this post. The goal being to make a good looking green sport kite. This is different for me as I like a lot of blue, purple, raspberry and other cool colors.. but my wonderful wife, Valerie, convinced me that a hit of color would really make the kite “pop”.

More to come as the kite progresses…

here is a link to the “Le Virus” website.


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  1. 18 October, 2004 at 2:55 pm

    Hi Bill,

    Nice site. Very clean and usable layout. Success on building the Virus and keep us updated on any progress and experiences you have.


  2. 12 December, 2004 at 8:01 am

    Green cannot be seen that easily from air if you fly on grass, maybe that’s why it is so unpopular, imagine an ultralight plane messing with your kites.

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