Iris – The little kite that could

Over the last couple of nights I have been building a new sport kite designed by Stan Kellar of California. The kite is the Iris, it stands about 9″ tall and about 15″ wide.

Stan’s plans were a breeze to follow but it helps if you have some kite building experience before. For example Creating a mini adjustable dynamic-bridle out of sewing thread can be tideuos to say the least. I used heat shrink tubing for the stand off connectors instead of end caps and I used the wire insulation from a computer power supply to creat the leading edge connectors. I will be changing the leading edge connectors to heat shrink later on. The sail is made from a ripstop nylon of unkown origin but I think it’s around .50 to .60 oz. The leading edges sleeves are made from the same material. The reinforcements at the center T, stand offs, nose and spine are the same material but backed with the 3m 9460 adhesive. Frame is as per the plan, .050″ carbon for the frame and .030″ carbon for the standoffs. Bridle is made from polyester upholstery thread.

I haven’t had it out for a flight, other than in front of my house at midnight under a street light. ( I fear my neighbors think I am nuts! ) So maybe later today..



  1. Cooool! Nice little kite. I like your picture with the canadian flag just behind. ;-)


  2. Bill, your neighbours just think what all your friends know.

    Can’t wait to see it flying. Looks cool.



  3. Bill,
    You’re the first builder to try one of these. I took it to the local club meeting and it got lots of air time by many fliers. The way it leaps into flight still makes me laugh.

    Sorry about the mistake on the upper spreader points, I fixed that on the plans.

    Fair Winds,


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