Monthly Archives: October 2004

Orange – Turbo Bridle

The oringal active bridle I had on my Orange never really satisfied me and I couldn’t get it just the way I wanted it. Turns were too wide and it just didn’t feel right. I had not flown the kite for several months and decided I would take another crack at the bridle. Read more →

“Le Virus” – Another Sail

After making the green sail I wasn’t 100% happy with the color combo. I decided to sew another sail. This time using a similar layout to Christin’s original. Plus I was finally able to use mylar in a kite :). It’s been sitting on the shelf for about 6 months… 🙂 I also applied some of the things I realized… Read more →

“Le Virus” – Sail assembly

I managed to cut, assemble and sew all the sail panels for my Le Virus. This was my first experience with a pieced sail and I learned a lot along the way. I tried to approach the drawing and cutting of the individual pieces as carefully as possible. I was rewarded with an easy assembly and symetric wings (that’s a… Read more →

“Le Virus” – online workshop

There is a new online trick kite workshop starting on the GWTW forums. The kite is called “Le Virus” and is designed by Christian Derefat. I decided that I wanted to build another sport kite to improve upon the skills I learned while making “The Orange”. The web site for Le Virus is always growing and changes are made quickly… Read more →

Iris – The little kite that could

Over the last couple of nights I have been building a new sport kite designed by Stan Kellar of California. The kite is the Iris, it stands about 9″ tall and about 15″ wide. Stan’s plans were a breeze to follow but it helps if you have some kite building experience before. For example Creating a mini adjustable dynamic-bridle out… Read more →