Dieppe Sky-Lines Rokkaku Workshop

Saturday September 4th was the first Dieppe sky-lines kite club sewn kite workshop. The subject of this workshop was to teach basic kite building and sewing techniques as well as explain and demonstrate different applique methods. Bernie Houle and Peggy MacDonald (or Mr. and Mrs. Mountain Man) organized the workshop and were superb instructors.

Most of the people at the workshop had not sewn before or if they did it was a very long time ago when they were a child helping their mother or father. So the first part of the morning was spent helping people with their machines as well as going through the sewing basics. Then everyone got started and things really started rolling. Bernie and Peggy had pre-cut all of the fabric, dacron, and webbing that is required and that saved a lot of time.

My kite was teal and since I was late (as usual) I got what was left over : ) I brought my enlarger/projector with me and after I got my sail put together I used a small tattoo I found online for my art work. Using the projector allows me to enlarge a very small image to fit the sail perfectly. No more messing around with printed 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper and tape. With the help of Marion and Bernie we chose some colors that we thought would look quite nice and I started the applique.

Everyone was able to finish their kite however some had to leave early so they did not get a chance to finish their applique.. however everyone finished the kite complete with reinforcements, pockets and spars. It was a great day and everyone had a great time and learned a lot…

Thanks Bernie and Peggy for organizing this great event!!

Here are some pictures..

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