H.A.R.K. 98 Kite arch

In the early spring of this year I met Gary Mark of the Toronto Kite Fliers. We quickly hit it off and were conversing about all things kite related and in particular Gary’s efforts towards the CKF. During one of our conversations we got on the subject of kite arches and that the TKF had as a club aqquired a number of pre-cut kite arch sails complete with tails and spine. I thought this was a great way to add some color to the clubs weekly fly and also help promote the club.

During a business trip to Toronto I arranged to meet with Gary and Mark G. (the keeper of the kites) to pick colors and design the arch. After a few hours of work and lot’s of help from Gary I had all of the skins picked out and designed what I wanted on the arch.

Bill counting

So I immediately went home and built one arch… then promptly got side tracked by another project.. 🙂

The Toronto Kite Fest is coming up on the 18 and 19th of September and I wanted to have my arch completed by then. Over the last week I have finished the arch and had a chance to fly it this afternoon.

The arch contains 3 arches, the multi colored arches are 32 kites each and the H.A.R.K arch is 34 kites. The HARK arch displays the name of the club “Halifax Area Recreational Kiters”. The letters on the arch are roughly 8 inches high in the Verdana font and are appliqued to each sail.

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