Bargello Double Sled

The Double parasled peaked my interest in the winter of 2003. It has a very nice shape and lends itself fairly well to applique and other design techniques. I cut all the templates for the kite skin but didn’t have a clue what to do for the two main panels. I put the project on hold when I decided to attend the Oregon Kite Makers retreat in January 2004. One of the classes that I attended was a double parasled. Unfortunately due to some technical mistakes the provided kit was not cut correctly and the class did not get to build this kite. When I returned home, I still really wanted to build the sled and one day while surfing the forums I came across a picture of a bargello pattern on a double sled. I really loved the look of it and after some hunting around, and speaking with other builders about the technique I started building the panels.

This was an excellent learning process and I made my share of mistakes. Despite my rookie mistakes this kite looks and performs beautifully…

Here are some shots of the kite during the building process as well as it’s first and second flights…

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for more information on the double parasled check theses sites:

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  1. 3 July, 2006 at 6:31 pm

    Hi, How are you?
    Looks great kite, this template is beautiful.
    How this kite fly, what the fly characteristic of the kite?
    do you use spars, where?

    keep a good work.


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