KAP by Yvon Hache

Just heard from Yvon Hache from the Dieppe Sky-Lines kite club. Yvon has taken some of his first KAP (kite aerial photography) shots. You can follow Yvon’s progress with his KAP rig on the kitebuilder forums here.

The subject of Yvon’s photos is the new sports field complex that is being built in Dieppe, N.B. A portion of this facility will be used as a kite flying field and will host the Dieppe International Kite festival in 2005.

Here are some of Yvon’s great photos..

4 thoughts on “KAP by Yvon Hache”

  1. Salut Yvon,

    J¨essaie de rentrer en contact avec toi par différents moyens, du coup, je vais à travers tous les sites où ton nom apparait pour trouver ton adresse e-mail la plus recente. … C est du boulot…

    Tes photos sont super.

    Fais moi un petit coucou pour qu’on puisse discuter stp.



  2. My name is Katarina i am working on a big project at university about websites and blogs. I hope you don’t mind me placing a comment here as my tutor needs to see it. I love the blog, it is very good.

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