H.A.R.K. 98 Kite arch

In the early spring of this year I met Gary Mark of the Toronto Kite Fliers. We quickly hit it off and were conversing about all things kite related and in particular Gary’s efforts towards the CKF. During one of our conversations we got on the subject of kite arches and that the TKF had as a club aqquired a number of pre-cut kite arch sails complete with tails and spine. I thought this was a great way to add some color to the clubs weekly fly and also help promote the club. Continue reading →


Back in April of this year I started to discover fighter kites; specifically North American fighter kites. First here is a little background on North American Fighters. All fighter kites operate on the same premis when flying the kite the kite will travel in the direction the nose of the kite is pointed. When slack is given to the line the kite will spin. The spinning of the kite allows you to decide when to apply tension to the line and therefore control the direction of flight. So you have complete control over a fast kite with only one line which is really cool, especially if you thought the only way to control the direction of a kite was with two lines…
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229 kites fill sky

Quote from the Halifax Herald, Friday September 3, 1999

Upper Kingsburg – The sky over a Lunenburg County beach was filled with every colour of the rainbow and then some on Thursday as 229 kites caught the breeze in memory of those who died on Swissair Flight 111 a year ago.

Kites In Memory was literally a dream come true for Martine Vermeulen, who last winter dreamed of the very scene that unfolded before her eyes at Hirtles Beach.

read the complete story here: “229 kites fill sky”


KAP by Yvon Hache

Just heard from Yvon Hache from the Dieppe Sky-Lines kite club. Yvon has taken some of his first KAP (kite aerial photography) shots. You can follow Yvon’s progress with his KAP rig on the kitebuilder forums here.

The subject of Yvon’s photos is the new sports field complex that is being built in Dieppe, N.B. A portion of this facility will be used as a kite flying field and will host the Dieppe International Kite festival in 2005.

Here are some of Yvon’s great photos..

Dal Kap Project

During the 2003-2004 semesters at Dalhousie university 4 undergraduate engineering students were looking for an inexpensive way to take aerial photographs. After some scientific/cost analysis of the different options they decided that using a kite would be the best way to accomplish this task. There is more information on the students web site here.

The teams aerial photos are beautiful!
In March of 2004 the engineers had their rig and kite (a maxi-dopero) finished. Here are some shots of the team with their rig and kite…