Freedom 2000

Over my Christmas holiday of 2003 I decided I wanted to build a revolution style kite. I had seen a number of examples of custom Revolution 1.5 sails on the net and decided to hunt for a plan. After a quick search I found the Freedom 2000.

There are a number of fine examples on the net of sail patterns for revolutions but I was having a hard time deciding what to do. I used Photoshop to simulate the type of pattern that I wanted and then replaced colors until I found what I liked. Since it was winter I wanted the kite to have a wintery feel so I used cool colors like dark blue, light blue, purple and white. I wanted

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the kite to appear to look like a bulls-eye when it spins… I think it’s as close I will get.

I cut the pattern, fabric and did most of the sewing in one day and finished up the leading edge and sparing the next. The next thing to complete was the bridle. This was the difficult part for me and I have since cut the bridle off and plan to build a new one.

here are some pictures of the building process. I will post more pictures when the kite has a new bridle. Overall the freedom 2000 plan is pretty good, now owning a rev 1.5 and comapring it to my freedom there are a number of things I would change to make it better. For example getting rid of the mesh at the leading edge. It is not needed and I think the kite will have a lower wind range without it.

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