3.0 NPW9B – My first kite

After I was hooked on kiting for a few months I wanted to build my own. I searched the net and found plans on Tom White’s site for a NPW 9B (Nasa Power Wing model 9B). Tom’s instructions looked very clear and provided an windows application that gives you all the dimensions you need based on the size of kite you want to build.

In late August 2003 I gathered up some fabric store ripstop nylon and convinced my mother that it was a good idea to help me 🙂 After a few frustrating days/weeks, and lot’s of help from Tom, we had the kite skin sewn and all I had left to do was the bridle. I learned so much from this experience and I ended up with a great and powerful kite.

here are some of the photos from the build process. The rest of the photos can be found here